Friday, December 19, 2014

What about Goshiwon?

What is a Goshiwon?
Goshiwon is a type of rent only available in Korea. It is a residence which is a small room with household furniture. Most customers are usually students or business people.

Size of room
Goshiwons are typically smaller than standard 'studio apartments'. 
They are normally 8.2㎡~9.9㎡.

Household furniture
Generally, there is a TV, bed, refrigerator, desk and chair.
There are two different kinds of goshiwons, those with a private bathroom/shower and those with a shared bathroom/toilet. 

Internet service
Wired or wireless internet (included in monthly fee)

Goshiwons normally have a shared kitchen. Rice and kimchi are free. Some goshiwons have noodles and eggs available as well.

Washing machines are free and come with washing detergent.

Monthly fee
Standard price of Goshiwon room is KRW 250,000 ~ 350,000 (with a shared bathroom/shower) or KRW 400,000 ~ 550,000 for Goshiwon room which is with a private bathroom/shower. The price also depends on the size of room and position of windows. Normally, payment is monthly and is due before the first day of the contract. Subsequent monthly payments are due before the next month of residence. The benefits of a goshiwon are no deposit and no extra facility fee. 

Term of rent
In general, contracts are longer than one month, however some Goshiwons allow payment per day.

Most goshiwons use auto-locking doors. There is also private key for each room. The CCTV is managed by the landlord of the Goshiwon and is available in the hallways, public areas and kitchen.

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